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Sprite Flickering Code


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Hello, I've never attempted flickering before but will need to know how for future games I would like to create. I've searched around the forum for simple examples/snippets of code to create the flicker effect. Also someone mentioned that flickering individual lines of each sprite compared to the whole sprite at once might be the way to go. If anyone knows of super simple code to get a whole character to flicker, or an individual line of each character that would be fantastic. Thanks

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The "flicker effect" is really a way of saying, "use the available players to draw one set of objects on one frame, on the next frame use the same players to draw another set of objects." and so on. Your kernel basically would at its very simplest keep a frame counter, and a way to specify which objects to draw on a given frame (or maybe a jump indirect that gets rewritten to go to another kernel), etc...



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