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Racing the Atari bus with a STM32F4 microcontroller


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What about DPC or DPC+ support? :-)


I might have a go at DPC support, but since it was only used by a single game (Pitfall II), I wasn't that bothered.

DPC+ uses a specific ARM chip as a co-processor, and is unique to the modern harmony/melody carts - its not open source, so I wasn't planning to do anything there.


As usual, the project is open source, so I'd be delighted if anyone else gets involved and contribes to the cart firmware!



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Hi folks!

I have a uno cart with my recently bought XEGS.

How can I save a program written in Basic to the Uno cart? I understand that I need to create an .atr file, but I don`t know how to do it...

Anyone can help?

Thanks to you all. I`m learning a lot from here!


The easiest way is to get yourself a DOS 2.5 formatted ATR and copy it to your UnoCart SD card. Select it from the UnoCart menu. When the Atari boots, you can then type in the program and type SAVE "D:MYPROG.BAS"



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The uno cart is allowing full atr image save/write access?

I really would like an Ultimate II cart that melds the two carts together (ult and uno) that would be awesome.


To blow the living top off the tower would be to do all that and make it pass thru cart atr and xex loader capable... I have a dream. :)


do all that and allow internal stacking and I'll, I'll, I'll I don't know what I'll do :)

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I know this thread is old but I’ll try my luck. 

I have mounted a Uno Cart but today with cip shortage, the stm32f407vet6 can be sourced more easily and at a better price. 

This should be a straightforward alternative of the stm32f407gte6 (only difference is flash size of 512k i/o 1mb)

I programmed the vet6 with a good checksum but all I get when I plug the cart on my 800xl is a red screen. 

Is there a specific setting when programming the firmware on the vet6? Any specific block where to write the firmware?

Many thanks.  

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ST are coming out with a new micro STM32H562/3VIT6, Arm Cortex-M33, MCU with 2-MByte Flash, 640-Kbyte RAM, 250 MHz CPU.


The faster CPU would hopefully eliminate any issues due to currently working close to the edge of the cycle turnaround time require by the bus.

Additionally the larger Flash memory would permit loading and running of 1MB cartridge images.

This flavour is the same LQFP 100 package and so might be a drop-in-place replacement.


Once available, if any builders could make a board I'd be happy to try adjusting the firmware to run on it.

Alternatively it might also be possible to hook up the proposed dev board

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