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PAL Atari in Canada (with multi-system TV)


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I've been trying to find a definitive answer to this question but no luck so far. Hoping someone can help me out. I live in Canada and have 2 NTSC Ataris (XEGS and 130xe) hooked up to a multi-system Sony TV brought from Europe.


Issue is I grew up in Europe and my memories of Atari are closely tied to PAL systems - which are noticeably different in terms of picture, colours and speed to NTSC counterparts.


My question is this - if I buy a PAL Atari from Europe can I connect it to power supply from an NTSC system - or do I have to use a power transformer ? In other words is the output of Atari power supply AC or DC?


Thanks a lot in a dance.

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400/800 and 1200XL is 9V AC to the computer, all later wide release machines are 5V DC.


The power supply used should relevant to what your mains from the wall is (and the machine type of course), the computers don't care, even a 400 from Europe will be fine on a 9V AC 60Hz PS in N America.

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