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ZoomGrafix crack by 4am defective ?


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ZoomGrafix crack by 4am defective?


..is it just me, or is this a defective crack? No It's defective. Can't seem to save changes for printer setup. No disk activity, and always resets to default. Totally useless because you can't change the printer. Do people these days test the things they crack? Or try to do as much as possible? Ughh..


My concern is that people are going to see these later "modern-day" cracks and think they're better. But that's not necessarily the case. The old Zoom Grafix crack from The Whip, done back in the day, works correctly.


There's other faulty cracks done recently, but anyways..

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Normally I'd just go ahead and hunt out the error. But I don't have the patience for this sort of thing much anymore. And I'm into archiving and preserving anyways. Working a on a skid full of disks.


Anyhow, the error has never been addressed. Someone claims to have a 2-byte patch. But that's also irrelevant because the information is not available.

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