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Super Extended Basic = Super Expensive Basic


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He has been trying to sell this exact same cartridge for 2 years that I know of. I konw it started off at almost $250.00 when I first saw it.


These are the Triton Super Extended Basic, which are great but they are not that expensive.


Hell, I have 2 of them, one modded to have EA, TI-Writer and DM3 on it.


I have one that is an original (never used with original book). I picked up that one along with originals of MunchMan-II and Beyond Parsec for $50.00 just last year..


I do recall, I believe it does not like to work with an F18A installed though. But hell we have XB 2.7 Suite, so does not really matter..

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For those who want to be able to use this cartridge, it is part of one of the Gazoo UberGROM suites. He did one for Triton's SEB, his own XB 2.7, and Winkler's XB3. He also did a nice stand-alone UberGROM image of Rich Gilbertson's RXB, so most of the interesting later variants of XB are available. The only purely cartridge-based one that is still missing is Mechatronic XB II+.


As to the rarity of the SEB cartridge, it is uncommon, but not rare. Cartridges show up on eBay a few times a year (some modified and some not) MDUDE has one listed off and on, as does Buddybear. I think Buddybear pulled his price estimate from MDUDE's BIN price. Others have sold in the same time period for considerably less. I have two of the originals as well--one completely original and one with the Guion modification (same as the modified one Shift838 identified in his post). I think I paid about $50 each for them, both within the last six years.

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I bought Super Extended BASIC back when it was released in Triton's catalog, still have it.


It's a pretty good cart to have on a classic TI because it has a disk catalog subprogram built in, and some very nice editing tools for programs like moving, copying, and deleting whole line blocks as well as re-sequencing them by blocks instead of in total.


I never found the bitmap tools to be all that useful... it consumes most of your VDP memory to use and is only in two colors.

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they are pretty rare. I have a new one sealed and a modified one (not selling them). it took me years to come across them.


I was lucky when the new one sealed came up, as it came up with a Beyond Parsec and Munchman II cartridges and manuals. All for $50.00 shipped. So I jumped on it like a fat boy on a cupcake..

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There is an UberGROM image for this, so you can still get a permanent SEB cartridge for a reasonable price. I make them, as does @Arcadeshopper.


Is there? I did not remember linking it in the << .BIN Repository >> so I checked and could not find it. At first I thought it might have been included in Gazoo's Extended BASIC Fun compilation, but when I checked it only has these three versions...




Could you please tell me where it's located so I can link to it, or simply upload it and I'll link to it there. Thanks. icon_smile.gificon_thumbsup.gif

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