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Early versions of Karateka


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I received these today.


Three of them read pretty well


Karateka Atari 85-08-30 Jordan's.atr - 1 error sector

Karateka Atari 85-09-08 Jordan's copy with cheat keys.atr - 6 error sectors
Karateka Atari 85-09-15 Jordan's copy.atr - 1 error sector
Two of them, the music development disks, I couldn't read at all, just failed on sector one. I'm wondering if they are Apple ][ disks, and will check that theory out later.
The ones that I could read do boot, but I couldn't get the guy to go much other than kick and hit in place. Maybe this is before walking was programmed in? Or maybe I have no idea how to play this game.
Please play with these and report back!
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I played the first one all the way through. The opening music was a little different. Also, the enemies seem to be a little too aggresive in a way that makes beating them easier. Akuma was about the same and yes, Mariko will kick you in the throat if you walk up to her in fighting stance. Otherwise, it all seemed the same to me.

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I got a 100% read of the the version with cheat keys enabled!


Use this version instead of the one from yesterday.


So far I've discovered that control-R advances to the next level. There should be another code (at least) to drop the opponent's health.


(The Apple ][ version with cheats (https://archive.org/details/Mechner_Collection_Karateka_Cheat_Version) has two cheat keys: control-D drops your opponent's health level to minimum, and control-] advances to the next level. )


Share what you learn.


Karateka Atari 85-09-08 Jordan's copy with cheat keys.atr



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The source code from the Apple II disks are exactly what it says on the label - all the music code for the game, and some of the game setup code.


Do you have another Apple II disk lying around with the source code for the game's main loop, and graphics support code?


Clever work getting the source code out as PDFs.

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