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heatwavebbs crash

David Baldwin

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The good news is the BBS did not crash.


The UDS modem device detected that the receiving end could not accept any more data, and as a result it stopped sending. Unfortunately, when this happens, the UDS seems to get stuck in a loop, and the connection timeout fails to work properly. I opened an incident ticket with Lantronix, which was summarily dismissed as an outdated, unsupported product.


A few minutes ago I swapped the UDS with one that Mad Hatter was using when he ran Heatwave. We'll try that for a while and see if the symptoms return.

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my lantronix frozup i had two unplug it never had that befor lest yoy are finding the bugs.

There are some references to that exact thing happening with some Lantronix devices, including my model UDS-10-IAP. It definitely has some quirks in its timeout code, as I uncovered and later reported to Lantronix. If yours is the same model, then we probably had double trouble :)

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While a number of the techs at Lantronix are happy to work with us on the UDS-10 and UDS-100, they are officially unsupported devices. Really a bummer, considering how cheap they can be found, but then they are probably that cheap because they are discontinued.


I have been looking at some of the newer ones which support SSH2 and using that instead of telnet, especially to allow me console access to devices without having to hide them from a firewall (of course, assuming the SSH implementation is stable and secure.)

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Swapping my UDS-10-IAP model with a slightly newer UDS-10 (thanks Mad Hatter!) seems to have solved the connection problems. From what I could tell, the UDS was experiencing either a buffer overrun or a a bug in the hardware handshaking that affected the timeout function.


Next on the list is setting up the dedicated Geneve and related hardware to free up my personal system for development.

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