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Interest Check: Magnavox Odyssey with different pieces, works.


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I have my Magnavox Odyssey im deciding to let go of, trying to guage interest. It's a run 1 unit. I do not know how complete this thing is, because I know for certain it's not. It does not have the external ac adapter, or the switchbox, or the original rf cord. That being said I purchased a cord out of an Odyssey 2 to use as the rf cable for this and it works with batteries. The battery compartment is clean. I had to open the unit to adjust the pots inside to get it to work with my more modern crt, but it does work and I played tennis against myself. It comes with some chips, different cards for different games, dice, money, 10 small overlays and 11 large overlays if I counted right. The overlays all have some creases and a few have tape on them. It comes with all 6 "games". Any more questions I can try and answer or pics needed I can get them.


Because of the amount of pictures I took I placed them in a separate folder:



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