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I'm with ya there. I posted a topic about a month ago looking for a sound program for the pc that supports the ti.


Like how megalion works for character codes and sprites but for sound. Not a single response.


I wish there were Windows sound/music utils. Might be a good excuse to get in to pc development.

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ansi music tunes


I only want it to play on the TI side, so I need in in XB.


That way if I am in the room and the monitor is on and not looking at it I know if someone logs in.


I used to run a VisionX BBS on the PC years ago and it had something similar. I liked the idea.

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I HIGHLY recommend "Compute!'s Guide to to Texas Instruments Sound and Graphics" (available as a PDF anywhere TI-Doc PDF's are found).


I used it back in the day when not only Call Sound, but every TI-Basic command and function seemed foreign and strange (hell, computers seemed foreign and strange). I absolutely guarantee that if you type in (and take note of) any 3 of the included sound programs, you will not only understand TI-sound routines, you will actually become quite proficient with them.


Of all the Compute! learning books (or any other publisher's learning books for that matter), this one is the one to have to learn and understand TI-Basic sound programming.


Searched my TI directory while writing this and found the PDF, so the attached will save you hunting for it


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listen to these and give me your opinions.


One is speech and one is Call Sound




I like them both. If you don't expect to hear any of them over and over for hours at a time then I would go with the voice, at least for a little while to see how it goes with annoyance level. A one word voice would drive me crazy if it went off too often in a short amount of time. In which case I'd choose 2.

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The phone-ring'ish one is at a perfect pitch to be uncomfortable (mind you, that might just me being the age where a whole range of frequencies are uncomfortable).




invoking speech always causes everything else to pause (except in Forth it seems), so I'd say opt for a sound...just play with the pitch a bit.

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I will be demonstrating the "Utility of the Month, sound effects, 9/92" disk this Saturday Chicago User's Group Meeting on Ustream.attachicon.gifustream url.txt


I can't seem to paste the url directly, but it is in the attachment.


Good to know.


The URL Victor has provided in the text file



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