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PRO© ATARI Issue 11

Now available...

In English and German Edition!


This time again our Australia based Atarian Steve done a nice TIME FOR A QUICKIE and featuring hose three games THE PARADISE THREAT, PRIZRAK NUKY and SCROLLS OF ABADON. Already I booted after a long time Scrolls Of Abadon... Well, what should I say... A long lost diamond is back on the track...


As you have seen on the title, we got something with guns... Guns? Atari? - Ah yeah, the Lightgun. Our maniac from the island GB done the 13pages LIGHTGUN SPECIAL. Jason "trbb" Kendall gives a lot of hints and insider infos for repair, to use in a emulator (via mouse) and also speak about more than 20 Light-Gin-Games... Uhhh yeah!


And that's not enough... He dig out the mighty HIS DARK MAJESTY which is still a diamond after all these years. I was back into the game before I finished reading this nice article.


And our incredible CharlieChaplin put together all news on five disc / floppy - images which are again for sure download for free. On those files are also more text to read in between findung the new cool games, demos, sounds...


AMAZING what still happens with our beloved Atari XL/XE...


Support the scene and please order the new issue also in our shop.


www.proc-atari.de Seasons greetings, yours Markus


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Even though we're covering all, yes *ALL* the lightgun games in the main feature, some of them are also have Joystick/Keyboard support. I'm sure you will be surprised at what game I liked the best ;)


We have a bunch of stuff ready for Pro© Issue 12 but if anyone wants to contribute just send me something on a message. Remember this is not for profit, so if anyone does by a T-Shirt or some Boxed Software it helps to cover the printing and distribution costs.



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Any feedback welcome on Issues 1-11 any content for issue 12 by the end of November thanks.


When Markus started Pro© Magazine we had our first English printed Atari Mag in many years, now with the superb Excel Magazine we have two. What do people think - can the community support two A8 magazines? I hope so ;)

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Just ordered Issue 11 and another shirt. I certainly have room in my collection for 2 new magazines. I am now receiving three separate packages from Europe. ABBUC magazines and disks (don't yet read German, but maybe one day), Pro© Atari, and Excel.

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