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Roof Pooper


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Before I go on about this new game, if there's anyone whom doesn't like poopy humor, I'd suggest you go to this thread before complaining that you don't like humor involving shit, it grosses you out, etc. If you're one of them, then go away. Otherwise, scroll down to read about it.

My latest creation is kind of based on the game Muddy Heights on for the Atari 7800 titled, Roof Pooper. It's a game where you poop on unsuspecting 'victims' but there's one twist: You cannot poop on cops. If you do, you'll receive a star. If you poop on three cops, the game's over. In other words, beware if you have two stars. If you end up pooping on a third cop, you'll wind up in jail.

The game's pretty simple. Left and right to move your Roof Pooper; Left fire button to fire a poop down onto the peds. After reaching certain scores, the building style changes and other peds including some familiar ones you may have played in my previous games. You'll have to find out what 'characters' are there for your Roof Pooping enjoyment.

That's all there's to it. I've tried to fit all of this into 32k since I have plenty of 32k EPROMs to use. Let me know about any glitches, if any, to fix.




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Frankly, I find your sensk of humor rather shitty myself! :lol:


First thing I thought of when I saw this thread, was Activision's Crackpots. Could easily do a "roof popper" hack of that one. Maybe have the protagonist squirting water up in order to combat the falling scat. lol

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The only problem I have is that I just keep shitting on all three cops as fast as possible and then yelling "I WIIIIIIINNNNN!!"


I live in a big house with lots of woodland creatures all over the place and I just gotta say that the main character needs to be a raccoon (or a raccoon should be selectable).

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BTW, when you release your work...might want to post on the main thread, as people who don't follow the dev threads might actually want a copy. :)

Yeah I second that. Totally up to you but usually each game would sell 25-50 copies almost instantly. With my budget I can not even pay attention..
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