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My Collection & Reflection

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Moving to our new house soon, so while packing I got a chance to look at my collection and think about it and thought I'd share!


I've been around since late 2013, my Intellivision is about 14 years older than I am icon_smile.gif. My dad had one when he was a kid, and I used to play the Intellivision games collection he got for my gamecube.


I found my Intellivison in Malvern, AR at a cool video game shop, acquired an Intellivoice & initially 11 games, most without boxes. Later on I bought an ECS and Aquarius cassette reader from a user on here. Really was interested in getting a flashcart, my "collection" really revolved around acquiring the actual consoles/hardware, and the actual original games, while I liked to have a few, weren't as important for me.


Some of the repair work I've had to do: I bought a parts Intellivision online so I could fix the hand controller, since it wasn't working. Had to get a NES power supply for my ECS. But other that, it's been trouble free!


A few months ago, a guy at work mentioned he had an Intellivision as a kid, and still had the whole thing! Ended up buying a Sylvania GTE unit (no box) and a ton of games, most complete with boxes, manuals & overlays, for $50. Ended up selling the GTE & loose dupes for $40, since the GTE was virtually identical to my unit and I couldn't justify two nearly identical units...


And not so long ago, I created the IntelliPC, the ONLY (to my knowledge) PC case mod that utilizes an Intellivision shell! It hums away silently in my living room, serving as my home media server (see my signature!)


And finally, after over 3 years of rumors and waiting, got the flashcart I've always wanted! I have the entire Intellivision collection, demo ROMs, and some homebrews, all on one cartridge, thanks to the LTO flash!


I'll admit, my Intellivision spends much more time looking cool than actually being played, but I'm glad I have it, and it's tons of fun. My favorite game is Astrosmash, my brother and I like playing Baseball together, and we're gonna sit down one day and figure out how to play World Series Major League Baseball too!


So here's my 25 game collection plus LTO flash, enjoy!





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That is an awesome setup, thanks for sharing.


I actually have been waiting for my parents to give up the original 2609 (case, innards are not working) so I could put a Raspberry Pi inside it and use it as my replacement media server computer. Looks like you basically beat me to it by a few years. :)

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Not too many people can play the two player games anymore. I think NBA Basketball is one of the better Intellivision games (I prefer it over Slam Dunk). We use to also play NASL Soccer and Tennis. I can also suggest Triple Action Biplanes and Sea Battle (overlays). With World Cup Soccer/Football and the ECS you can play upto four players at the same time or two can teamup against the computer.

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