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I'm back making crossword puzzles again. I am trying to make the across clues make more sense. Most of them are pretty dumb and lame as crosswords go. I could make better ones if I had a chance to not make one across word per row. I am seeing how many of these I can make. Some of the down answers are iffy. I've written clues out already in case I forget about this and come back to it later. I started this a month or two ago. I'm now at #5. Where one across clue per row is used. And yes, it is hard to come up with these across clues. I don't know why I do this, just for fun I guess. I can't submit them anywhere since nobody would take them. Even if I had made a good crossword (which I've made tons of), nobody is accepting any. So off I go with my imagination and my mind running. I decided to redo the second half of this one since the across clues I had were really lame. I didn't get to the bottom in either attempt yet. My mind is burned out since I just completed the third quarter of this one. I guess I could work on making video games, but right now my dog is begging me to come out of my room so I have to be in there with her.

PS: I did try this morning to take apart the capsule I kept choking on and pour the stuff in some water. It tastes NASTY. Like really bad icky chemically nasty. Argh.

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