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FlashROM 99 Raffle ?


FlashRom 99 Raffle ?  

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  1. 1. If a raffle was done for a fully assembled FlashROM 99 cartridge would you considering a ticket?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. If Yes to question #1, what would you consider a ticket price? (Includes shipping to US address)

    • $1.00 US
    • $3.00 US
    • $5.00 US
    • $10.00 US
    • I'd give you a blank and signed check!
    • Not Interested

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I have obtained a blank FlashROM 99 cartridge board and have ordered parts to put it together. ( I already have two, i will not need this one.)


I thought about holding a Raffle for this card which would include the cartridge (completely assembled and tested).


  • No cartridge shell though. Sorry, you will have to obtain or make your own.
  • No SD card


The raffle would include shipping to a US based address via USPS priority mail flat rate small box.


Would TI'ers be interested in a raffle of this type?

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Sorry,I voted no when I read "The raffle would include shipping to a US based address via USPS priority mail flat rate small box", then I realized you were referring to the free shipping.


If paid shipping would include locations outside the US, then sure I'd buy a ticket ($3 is fair). This is United Way season on this side of the border, so I'm being asked to buy raffle tickets and bingo cards every couple of days at work. At least this would be something useful.

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