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MAME freezing, won't close.


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Back in March I switched versions of MAME trying to get the vector games to play after switching from xp to WIndows 7. MAMEIU64 0172 is the version. The vector games still don't work, but a whole bunch of games must come along with this version as I didn't download them and have no recollection of them being on the list on the previous computer which had xp and all the games working. When I try out these new to me titles the odds are 50/50 that while playing the game will freeze, the sound will repeat a half second loop, the x to close doesn't work, neither does closing it at the bottom of the screen. I either have to turn the computer off with the power bar, which can cause hard drive issues, I know, or sometimes the task manager will open and I can close it from there.


So my question is wtf is going on? A couple of times it froze and turned the screen orientation 90 degrees making it just about impossible to even try to close anything as holding the computer monitor sideways so I can try to move the mouse around is rather difficult.


This shit doesn't happen with any of the games that I had before, just the ones that must have come with this version as. like I said, I didn't download them. Markham, Sun Electronics, 1983, just caused it to happen. What crappy graphics, game play, dying for no apparent reason. I was just about to hit the escape key on this poopfest when it froze.


Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I have MameUI64_175 on Win7x64 and have no problems. There is one minor bug with vector games not being able to control the width of the lines, and that could be a MameUI bug not a Mame bug. The previous version I have, MameUI64_166 doesn't have that problem. I didn't think any of them came with games.

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