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Rewiring joystick ports on Spectrum +2

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So I'm expecting a ZX Spectrum +2 to arrive soon, and one of the things I'd like to do is rewire the joystick ports to the regular Atari/Kempston standard instead of building adapters or going with the godawful SJS sticks. Just curious if anyone's ever tried this before I put my Speccy under the knife.

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I'm actually going to skip that idea entirely and just grab a cheap Kempston interface. I know most Speccy games support the Interface 2 standard that the +2 uses, but there's some games I'm interested in that only work with the Kempston interface (and the keyboard of course) so yeah...

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Better up, if you get something like the SMART Card, you get both a SD memory slot, a joystick interface and troubleshooting ROM in one.


At £23.99 + shipping (and possible expenses), it is too cheap to avoid!



Edit: It won't fit physically into a +2 unless you take the top off the computer which is a shame, but electrically it is compatible.

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