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H.E.R.O - Atari 2600

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Make sure to play the SG-1000 version of H.E.R.O.




Or J.E.R.O. as it should more accurately be called. I've been to like level 19 or so and it still didn't start repeating yet, so maybe it has more levels than the 2600. It has several cosmetic and game play differences from the Atari 2600 version, even though I prefer the 2600's charming blocky graphics.

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I've made it through all 20. The challenge is doing it on the random ("Pro") mode from the selection choices. You can hit level 19 or 20 before you get a lot of extra men that way.


Just play on the emulator and practice the individual stages - that makes doing all 20 in one run pretty easy. It just takes practice. I personally think going for the 'patch' points on the random ("Pro") setting is a nice way to come back to the game and still challenge myself after so many years of enjoying HERO.


Still have never tried the SG-1000 version . . .

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It's the same as the 2600 version


No it's not. It has additional dangers such as lava fountains and falling stalactites which don't appear in any other version. You can also earn lives by knocking out certain lights in some levels and for such a basic game those slight differences really change how you approach the game. Sometimes I'll get reckless early on knowing I can spare lives because it maxes out anyways and I know where to get more.

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