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coax impedance for audio video cable?


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Just wanted to make sure the correct impedance for audio/video cables would be 75 ohms, like RG179..?

I don't mean the RF TV channels, but the 800/800XL composite output. I want to make a good A/V cable but since there's no local place to really get that stuff I have to mail order it and want to be sure I'm ordering the right coax. I already have DIN plug and good gold plated RCA plugs, I just need to be sure I'm ordering the right wire too :?



thanks in advance geeks ;-)

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The standard for consumer video is 75 ohms. Other impedances may cause ghosting in the image, especially if the cables are longer than a few feet. This is because standing waves can form in cables when there's high-frequency signals and imbalanced termination (kinda like water waves bouncing back and forth in a tank).


For audio, it doesn't matter and just about any coax will do because the signals are much lower in frequency so there's no meaningful propagation effects.

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OK, thanks, just thought I toss out the question to be sure/


Some times I think I should take the results of all the "duh" questions I post and put them on my website a a reference for future reference and maybe help others.. I'm sure there's a;ready lots of people doing stuff like that though

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Btw, the gold plugs offer not much of an increase and need to be attached to gold sockets to even get that little increase..


Pretty much any shielded cable will do as long as its 75ohm but Composite although better in quality is still at the low end :)

yep, I know, but they were the only option to get metal hoods, everything else was just plastic. Not much we can do about old Atari's being composite, just be glad they at least have that. At least I don't know of any better output options.. So make the best of what's available

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