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HSC13 Round 17 Poll

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Poll closes after the current round.


Frogger (John Harris)

Probably some other's as a bonus. Checkout Pro© Mag Issue #10 for the "Top Ten Frogger Clones"


Donkey Kong

Surely it must be time to play this again?



Or perhaps we need to play something new? Great platformer, 2 skills.



WHAT?!! Not played before in the HSC? Better check the records :-o


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I voted for Frogger-- but which one? I recall there being some differences between the cartridge and tape versions of the game. At the World of Atari 98 I had John Harris sign my Atari 8-Bit Frogger cart. That was cool. Like an idiot, I don't have that cartridge anymore. My friend Chris and I ended up having breakfast with him; he's a cool guy!


Oh, and... what's Donkey Kong? I've never heard of it before. I guess it was something that just wasn't very popular. That's the way that some games go. Frogger went on to have sequels, but poor little Donkey Kong... well, we never heard from either that jumpman fella or Donkey Kong again.



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