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Found a Bunch of Intellivision Games on Craigslist


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As promised, here is a link to my video:




But I still don't get it. How the heck is a C64 board working on the Intellivision? :?

Umm, because it's not a C64 board. For future reference, don't go sticking unknown boards in random machines trying to get them to work. If it happens to fit in the wrong machine, it will very likely fry the board.

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Eric, I already offered $10 if you didn't try the boards first. No fair :(


In all seriousness, I had a bit of a hunch. Wherever these boards came from, it's possible that some of the others may be alternate/prototype versions of games as well. You really need to let someone dump them all just to see what's there :D


Plus, I suspect you might make a few dollars from that Jr. Pac-Man board.

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:-o Jackpot!! Absolutely incredible. What a find.. legendary. Looks like the haggling payed off after all! :-D

Please allow these to get dumped, the Inty community would be very grateful. Jr. Pac Man looks and sounds awesome, pretty darn complete as well.. I hope we can all play it, just in time too, with the LTO Flash being out now. Again, congrats!

BTW, that's a nice looking puppy dawg you've got there. :)

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