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Super Retro Advance/Titles Recommendation?

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So. Yesterday I impulse bought a GBA game. It's been a long while since I had a GBA. I sold it when money got tight, along with a number of things. I bought a GBA game...and I don't have a GBA. Lol. Yes, I'm impulsive.


I was thinking of buying a GBA for a little while now. They're fun, and have a pretty good lineup. I seemed to recall a device that essentially worked as a Super Game Boy that worked with GBA. Super Retro Advance. It's a 3rd party piece of hardware...but seems to get good reviews. One review explicitly stated it worked with the specific game I purchased...so I bit. The cost was less than what GBA systems seem to go for these days anyway. And given its similarity in my head to the SNES, playing it on the TV is fine by me.


Anyone have one? Thoughts? Shortcomings? Recommended titles?

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I have one. It works with original snes systems as well as retrobit systems.


The big down side is that it's limited to composite video, that comes out the side of the unit (doesn't use snes video out).

Some retrobit snes hardware works with it without its own adapter, but it's still composite.

Its video is probably still stronger than the gamecube one through composite.


it looks a bit wrong in terms of aspect ratio.

and it doesn't work with the more advanced flash carts.


used it for a few minutes on the day it arrived and never since.

6/10 would buy again.

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