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F/S Nes Package, bust a groove, gameboy games, lufia 1, Zelda 3ds Crt Tvs


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I've got a few things for sale, no trades at this time all price negotiable and shipped to the US


Nes with 2 controllers, Super Mario Bros, Terminator 2, ac and av cables, $65 shipped, works great, I think I disabled the nes10 on this one, but I can't remember


Lufia and the fortress of doom snes with dust cover 40 shipped


4 gameboy games with dust covers tmnt fall of the foot clan, final fantasy legend, fortress of fear, tetris 20 shipped


zelda ocarina of time 3ds, first release 20 shipped


bust a groove, has some light scratches, but I could play it fine on my ps3, $40 shipped


Power pad in the action set box, $30 shipped, or packaged with the nes for an extra 20


shipping not included on 2 nice smaller crts I have, both work and look great and are from 2006

symphonic 13 in crt, mono with remote $25 plus shipping

Magnavox 14 in flat crt stereo, 2 a/v inputs, one of the nicest tvs I've used $30 plus shipping


shipping is between ~20 and 50 in the continental us, so east coast, not so bad, west coast... well they are really nice tvs

basically I have space for 2 tvs in my game room, so I kept a 19 in tv vcr combo (not nearly as nice as the above 2 tvs but golden eye needs atleast 19 inches) and a crazy nice 13 tru flat from rca and these are the 2 I'm willing to sell,












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Magnavox tv no longer for sale

gameboy games gone

Jag stuff incoming:

Arggh the jags crazy value now makes this hard but anyway everything is negotiable, no trades,

Jag with 1 pad, ac,rf, manual, and cybermorph, $175

Defender 2k with manual $85

Tempest 2k $45

Cybermorph (atleast this one is still easy) $7 shipped (two available)

I will be really busy for the next week or so I'll try to respond right away, but it might not happen

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