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FS: Near New 7800 ProSystem with box, controllers, games... ***SOLD***


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It was a hard decision as to what I should part with but I guess the 7800 has to go. I have 11 game systems all hooked up in literally a closet as since my move I have no more "Man cave" :) I have a Vic-20 coming and am more sentimental about that computer than I am personally with the 7800, so I figured I'd sell it off to make the room and fund some Vic stuff :)


The system is in what I consider the best condition at least I could find bar buying a brand new one (if that is even possible). The buttons all feel new, the system looks great. This model has a full expansion port on the side (not just a "hole" and the serial number on the console matches the serial number on the box. It includes the original power supply, box for original power supply, original RF cable and TV switchbox, two controllers that feel like they have had little to no use (and look that way as well), box inserts manual.


Also included are a bunch of 7800 and 2600 games (see picture for titles). You will notice two of the games have a ripped front box. This is because they were freebies from a nice member here on AA. The games are perfect however. Also included is my favorite title "Pac Man Collection".


I am also including two Revenge Adapters 6ft in length each. These are basically adapters to allow you to use Genesis controllers with the 7800. I preferred them and wanted to keep the 7800 controllers new, so that is how I played. No Genesis controllers are included mind you, but you'll have the adapters to connect your own!


And before anyone asks, no I didn;t buy this for $20 :) There is a $20 sticker on the front of the box and I am sure some lucky SOB got it for that price some time ago but rest assured it wasn't me :) I paid $140 for it (shipped) without any of the other items I am including.



$175 for everything. PM if you want it!














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I should clarify on the shipping. It really depends on where you are. If you are close to NJ I might just ship it for nothing. But if you are clear across the country shipping might run a little bit...but I am willing to split the shipping costs with you if that is the case. Shipping prices have just increased to such an amount that in the past I ended up really giving away stuff due to the insanely high cost of shipping. So, if you are interested, PM me with your zip and I'll at least be able to get a guesstimate of what kind of shipping we are looking at. Thanks!

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