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Best Cart 400/800/XL/XE games?


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Star Raiders - THE Atari Game


Shamus - fast and large


Miner 2049er - for varied action


Archon - a magical Chess unleashed


I wouldn't bin Blue Max and most Synapse titles either.





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older carts:


- Star Raiders

- Star Raiders II

- Donkey Kong

- Missile Command

- Fort Apocalypse

- Pole Position

- BC`s Quest for Tires

- (Thorn EMI) Hockey

- (Thorn EMI) Soccer

- Miner 2049er


newer carts:


- Archon

- Crossbow

- Xenophobe (proto)

- Tower Toppler (proto)

- Rescue on Fractalus


brandnew (flash-) carts:


- Bomb Jake

- Ridiculous Reality

- Yoomp!

- Space Harrier

- Atari Blast


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