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Other projects and my real job have been keeping me away from this project, but I've made some interesting progress.



I have the first bits of interaction in place, the aiming cursor is now active and can be moved with the joystick. I'm planning a 3-stage shot system.


First, you aim across the hogline, similar to the way Intellivision Bowling does it. Next, you set the weight of your shot (this is how hard you're throwing the rock, for those unfamiliar with curling lingo).


After setting the weight, you will begin the shot and on the approach to the hogline you set the curl of the rock and the release point. From there, the sweepers take over!

I've also added a display on the bottom that shows the rocks yet to be thrown, similar to the TV broadcasts. I'm still trying to iron out the rock colors. Yellow and red are the most common on TV, but there may be some visibility issues with the red rings.

While implementing this, I realized that I need to account for both left and right-handed shooters. Somehow, this completely escaped me until now. The screenshot shows a rock positioned for a right-hander, I have code that positions it for a lefty as well.

Eventually, there will be an actual shooter holding the rock, but I want to get the mechanics and positioning solid before I start putting that together.

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