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Gridrunner VIC-20 port - final beta


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ok... just found the project on my HDD so I realised that I never released that stuff?


here is the first packed version. Can you guys please playtest it on real HW? it's PAL only at the moment...




- VIC-20 core code by Jeff Minter himself

- Title picture by Tezz

- Title music by Miker

- Digi-Samples by Miker

- Digi-routines by Mr Space Harrier ;)

- A8 tweaks by me - Heaven


all done around 2009... time flies by...


and yes... it is overkill to take a 3,5 kb game and blow it up to nearly 38k... but who cares... :D


attachted are the beta version and the note file with manual and some additional sidenotes of the port...













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i never released the final though... but I just checked on hardware....


it hangs after the title screen exit...so I need to look into it and when I pack the game file it sometimes hang at the "llamasoft present"... but with by pressing reset it starts the game though...


well... I guess that were the issues why I never (and later forget) to fix it and release the final.


I just checked on a 65XE PAL with SIO2SD...


as far as I remember (Miker?) we generated the samples with the text2speech of OSX or Windows... or was it a website? long time ago...

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sure... already working on it... there are 2 minor issues... save exit from the title screen to load the main file... and to pack the samples properly so it starts correct from sio2sd. right now the samples are $4000-$c7ff which is 2k of ROM... so only matter of little work.


already written to Jeff for his approval like I did with Metagallactic Llamas...not sure how he will react when someone digs out his 1982 written code :D

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Can't imagine he will mind, I used to know him before he was famous, used to pop in to a shop called The Vic Centre behind what were the BBC building near me, was a lovely bloke, always showing off little games he wrote on the Vic and later the start of his C64 bits, and anyone that's bumped in to him at the shows know he's as nice as pie but does want to get you high as a kite if he can :) (I didn't drink then and never have smoked so I was immune :) )


He'll love the fact his stuff is still current and being enjoyed..

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  • 1 month later...

Yeah, it's a port. VIC-20 version is the original version and apparently it has the best playability among 8-bit versions.

As Jeff Minter (the creator) wrote in his article about Gridrunner:
"The Vic-20 game proved to be quite popular, and in very short order the game was ported to the Atari 8-bit and the new Commodore 64. Of those early versions I think the Vic-20 version is my favourite. The game’s graphics look a bit small and weedy on the higher-resolution Commodore 64, and the Atari version was a rather rushed port with graphics that are too chunky and rather ugly. The game was designed primarily for the Vic and although the graphics are large and low-rez, to my mind it is the Vic version that looks and plays the best."

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