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Intellivisionaries episode 29 is now available!

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The Intellivisionaries Podcast is back on the air!! Or something like that. Episode 29 is finally up and ready to be downloaded.
In this episode we review the Atarisoft game Pac-Man, and the IntelligentVision game Ms. Pac-Man. We also interview both programmers; Mike Winans (Pac-Man) and Carl Mueller Jr. (Ms. Pac-Man). Cmart (Christian Martin) joins us again, as does George, and a surprise guest during News. We’re gearing up for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2016, but not all the hosts could be present for all aspects of this episode. Due to that, and the fact that it’s almost Halloween as this episode is released, there may be some unusual occurrences in the timeline…


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15 mins in and the Max Headroom-ish glitching has already become a little irritating.


As far as a Penny Farthing goes: the only proper way to ride one is to don a 3-piece suit and bowler hat. A handlebar mustache is optional but encouraged, as is a monocle. ;)

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15 mins in and the Max Headroom-ish glitching has already become a little irritating.


BBBBBBlame RERRRick's ego for disrupting the timeline..line..line. He just HAD to be a part of it all.





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With the programmer interview being so intermixed with Pac-Man and Lock'N'Chase, maybe that game should have been included in this episode, too. Adding another hour of content is always welcome.

We discussed that. But it just seemed like it was getting to be too much for one ep.



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Lots of good stuff in this episode.


I also had no idea that Atari had Intellivision games in 1983. In fact I had a hard time finding any new games in 1983, Intellivision just seemed to disappear from the department stores at that time. I did get Burgertime and Bump'n'jump but it wasn't easy, alot of calling around to find a store that was still getting games and then they eventually stopped. I looked for Treasure of Tarmin but I thought it was just never released.. I've heard it once said that it was retailers that caused the crash; I think the retailers at the time just did not know how to stock and sell video games and just gave up.


There was a comment about one player Intellivision games that are winnable with endings (a facebook discussion that I didn't read). In the early games most games were two players, but there were a mix of these winnable one player games vs arcade style. I've heard the programmers at Mattel debated this and then marketing asked for more arcade style games. To me I find the winnable games much more replayable. With the arcade style games, once I could no longer beat my high score I stopped playing them (Deadly Discs was an exception). These winnable games include Space Battle, Star Strike, Sub Hunt, AD&D, Bomb Squad, Dreadnaught Factor, and maybe some Imagic games. Arcade style games should really have shorter rounds, Mazeatron is an example of a game that is a bit lost with this. I play Space Spartans and even Thunder Castle like I've won after one level/round. Both are challenging for me, but each player should have an appropriate skill level to choose. No one should play Space Spartans at a slower speed, but I wish you could select the difficulty level.


I liked how Carl explained how he reverse engineered the arcade game code and converted the behaviour to Intellivision. I think too many arcade conversions are done by the programmer only looking at gameplay and copying it. They could make a game that might look the same but plays differently. Of course in the old days the programmer might not have had access to the code or given the time to analyse it. Note with Atarisoft PacMan Mike Winans mentioned that he was told by Atari that the ghosts movement can't be random they have to be repeatable. I appreciate Carl's efforts for a proper conversion.

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