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Best 9 -pin extension cables?


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I ordered some so called "retro" gaming extension cables off amazon. Well, they don't work correctly with my original ColecoVision vision controller or the modded one I included in the picture. Specifically the direction control was all messed up and I coudn't move right in any game and I think some other buttons didn't work.


So I want the next extension cable I buy to work so what are people using, preferably off of amazon, that actually do work correctly with the Coleco?



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If you can find vintage controller extension cables made for Sega Genesis, or I think Radio Shack used to make them under the Tandy/Radio Shack brand, they will be the highest quality cables.


Otherwise the retro bit ones are good in my opinion. Sometimes they are packaged under different brand names. They are so cheap, if they break, or stop working, which happens, just throw them away and get a new one. Or just buy a few at a time, so you have spares around.


Unfortunately only the 9 pin extension cables that they currently make are the cheap China crap ones like retro bit. If you get one and it doesn't work, just ask the seller to send a replacement. But, they are so cheap that if they break after a few months just throw them away.

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I use these with my Atari consoles. They have all 9 conductors so there's no reason they shouldn't work on Coleco unless the plug is too big.



Bought these for my Ultimate ColecoVision Flashback and they worked perfectly. Console5 shipped quickly and they were as advertised.

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