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Not that I'm going to die any time soon (that I know of), but I finally got something I've always wanted to have. Well, not ALWAYS, since I didn't know it existed when I was a kid or young adult. Anyway, I have a working Magnavox Odyssey! Yay! Now I actually know what I'm doing when I make the games I make for them. I will have to fiddle around with the paddles for a next game idea. Right now, I'm in the middle of getting Six2 together. Having an Odyssey would really help with future ideas. I checked out the overlay I printed on paper, since I wondered if the white squares would fit in the spots I made for them. I think it will work good. This is my most complicated game to date. I designed the cards, got dice on the internet, the only thing I don't have is a box. 10 copies will be made. Now that I have an Odyssey, I'll keep mine, so 9 copies will be made in the first "run." And now I have something fun to do on Halloween instead of playing Pops Ghostly for the ActionMax. I can now play Haunted House for the Odyssey. I have overlays and cards for it. No instructions came with any of the games, though. But man, is inserting the batteries a pain! They fit in there too tightly and as a result, they're a pain to get out! I hurt myself. So I'm keeping them in there. And I do plan on keeping this a "fixture" in my room. The others I have are the Dreamcast, Odyssey 2, and the Atari 2600. Other systems I have are in the garage, and I get them out when I want to play them. It is kind of weird, though, that the thing is 10 years older than I am. Perhaps in the future I will make an Odyssey simulator for the Atari 2600, something I started on and then stopped because I had no idea how the Odyssey worked.

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