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How much is a Heavy Sixer worth?


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Since it looks like I'm in the market for a new 2600, I'm thinking of springing for a Heavy Sixer this time around. I'm wary of getting one off of eBay, but a video game store near me has a nice one in working order. Problem is, they're charging $200 for the console only. I overpaid for my last 2600 and don't want to make the same mistake again. Is it really worth that much, or should I see if I can talk them down?

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I have two Heavy Sixers. An Atari and a Sears model. I found the Atari in the wild at a retro video game store in excellent and near mint condition for $50 a few years back. I paid about $80 in the Marketplace for the Sears model which is in excellent condition as well. I highly suggest forgetting about ebay as these models of Atari are way too overpriced. Heavy Sixers are uncommon but by no means rare. I'd expect to pay in the ballpark of $60-$80 for a bare Heavy Sixer system.


I would not pay $200 unless you are absolutley desperate for one. I would just post in the wanted section of the marketplace. Heavy Sixers are phenominal systems and are without a doubt my favorite of the variations.


Update: I actually searched on ebay and here is a link to a "good working condition" Heavy Sixer for $70 plus $10 shipping. :)



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