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Can I hook up an Epson FX-890 to a P:R: Connection?


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If it has a centronics parallel port then it can be hooked up with those or a printer interface like MicroPrint. you just need the centronics cable for the 850 or PR. Then you will probably just use a Epson compatible driver that is included with Printshop. IIRC. There are a lot of printer drivers out there somewhere, so you may find a driver specific to FX-890 that uses all it's features, but I doubt that would be necessary for using Printshop.

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As it has both a parallel printer port and Epson ESC / P control language I believe it should work. You will need a special cable to connect it to an 850, ICD P:R: Connection or MIO(except for MEtallGuy66's updated MIOs which use PC type printer/modem cables).


Pinouts for 850/PRC/MIO cables are available in this post: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/176819-modern-printers-compatible-with-atari-mio-850-pr-connector/?do=findComment&comment=2447690


One issue you could have is that the printer may not advance the paper at the end of the line, because the interface is sending just a CARRIAGE RETURN without a LINE FEED. If this happens you need to configure either the interface or printer to add a LINE FEED to every CARRIAGE RETURN.

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