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Just got an O2 and this is what I get... video problem?


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I recently got this great Odyssey lot and it takes me back to when I would play it at my friend's house. Of course, KC Munchkin was one we played alot but I'm getting off topic here...


I noticed that the AC Adaptor that came in the box was cut and looked like someone tried to repair it... regardless, the power plug was not useable so I did some googling and discovered my NES power cord should work. So when I got it hooked up, this is what I get...


odyssey2 video issue.MOV


What in the world is causing the hiccupping static? Could it be because I used the NES power cord? I was thinking of heading to The Source (formerly Radio shack) and seeing if I can get a replacement power adaptor for the system... thinking that may work better.


As for my video hookup, it's the basic RF cord with one of those rca to co-ax adaptors that I used for all my older systems (well at least the ones that haven't been modded).


The picture is beautiful on my flat screen but I'm concerned about the popping sound and static flicker. Other than that, the system seems to be working fine. I haven't played a long time so the controllers may need to be cleaned up but I haven't played enough to see if there is any controller issues.


Anybody have any suggestions to remedy this? I could use the help... I really look forward to more KC Munchkin goodness!

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Well the Source may have had a power supply that I could use but the prices were prohibitively expensive. When I found the selection of switchable power supplies, they started at $40 and up. I'm not that paying that price for a power supply... especially when I'm not 100% sure it'll be the correct one.


What I will do is take the power supply that came with the system and splice the wire back together and see if that works. I'll have a shorter cord on my power supply but I can alway use an extension cable if I need to have the system further away from the wall etc.


I never tried to splice electrical wire together but I can learn right? lol


I got the voice with the system and I got to hear it talk... it's pretty cool!! I have a few voice carts but they are the letters and numbers ones I think.

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Works perfect on my CRT... knew I kept it around for just this reason! lol


KC Munchkin is rockin the house tonight! My seven year old is giving it a try and likes it... especially the entering of your name for high scores!


Next thing to do is get ahold of Pick Axe Pete (another favourite from the 80's!)

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