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Space Invaders/ Qix Silver Anniversary Bezel Recreation


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So, I Just Finished This Tonight, I Noticed That, Although The ROM Of Space Invaders/Qix Is Available For MAME, There Is No Bezel Scan.

I Kinda Remade The Bezel From Photos Of The Machine (SPOILER: Which Were All Low Quality).


This Machine Is Quite A Personal One To Me, It Was The First "Classic" Arcade Machine I Played, It Was At A Showcase Cinema, I Even Remembering Asking The Manager If They Could "Keep It Forever" ,Sadly, The Machine Is Gone Now :( But It Was Fun While It Was There!


Here's The Recreation:



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Here's Version 2 if anyone's interested

this time it's the taito bezel and custom artwork to make it higher quality:


attachicon.gifSIqix 2.5AtariAge.png


(PS: why is there still no replies?)


Fantastic artwork! :) Space Invaders was one of my favorites, QIX too but I never saw them combined in the same machine like that:



I wonder if the design influenced the double sided cartridges that came out briefly for the Atari.


Here's an updated port of Space Invaders with Robots I've been working on :)

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