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Newer (new to me idk) Coleco S-Video Mod


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Ah so I thought I was having issues with a S-Video mod using the LM318 so decided to use a THS7314 instead and it works no issues (that I can see). Instead of grabbing 5v from wherever I put the 12v through a 7805 power reg to get the 5v for the THS7314.


So I just put the chroma through the 7314 and had 75 ohm on the output.

Luma is going straight to the S-Video jack through a 75 ohm resistor. (I have vertical lines not related to this or the LM318 mod so maybe amping luma will fix it ? [Honestly I think its a grounding issue])


When I make a board around this I will put potentiometer to ground on the lines so I can adjust the picture but it looks great as-is.


The benefit of the THS7314 being its easier to find and this mod would have far less parts.

In the future I will probably use this board to do this and various other mods [VERY WIP]:



I know component or rgb is on this board someplace. The real question here is how I can get S-Video AND composite without having it on a switch. Anyone interested in kits for various systems check out:


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