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Thank you all.


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I think if it were not for the support that our TI/Geneve community has from all of it's users and developers than a lot of us would have left it by the curb a long time ago.


Thankfully that has not happened. I myself have quite a few fond memories from years back as well as in recent history with many of you that makes our little machines worth keeping around for a long time to come.

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But that's only half of it, it wouldn't be as much fun if not for all of you.


I so agree with this! I remember back in "ye olde TI days of the last century", new TI things came out sporadically. We all waited for the monthly newsletter or magazines to arrive, or to go to the local users group. Now days with the world-wide gang here on Atari Age, we pretty much have a 24/7 conversation going on.


Get up in the morning... new stuff. :thumbsup:

Before you go to work... new stuff. :)

On your lunch break... new stuff. :-D

Come home from work... more new stuff. :grin:

Before dinner... again, more stuff! :lol:

Before you go to bed... even MORE NEW STUFF!! :o It's awesome, it's a never ending party! I love it! :lust:

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