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4-switch Power LED mod (no drilling required)


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Here's a quick power LED mod I did for my 4-switch woody 2600. It's not pretty but it works so far. I didn't want to mess with the original look of my Atari, so I chose not to drill a hole at the top or through the power switch itself.


I used a 150 Ohm resistor and used the 5V and Ground on the main board. I didn't want to solder directly to pins 2 and 3 of the voltage regulator but I could have done that instead. The short pin on the LED goes to Ground.


I also made sure the wires did not touch the 'heat plate' surrounding the voltage regulator, which can get very hot.


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Yea someone did something similar to a sixer here on the forums


I saw it while image searching for different power led ideas, and I like it a lot



Thanks, yeah I'm sure someone had thought of it before. I've only seen threads with the normal panel-mounted LED and the one where the LED was actually drilled into the switch knob itself - which is pretty clever but I'd be scared to do it myself.


This mod of mine doesn't show the actual LED through the gap for the switch; all you see is a bright red light.



EDIT: Did a Google image search and looks like bradd1978 had though of this too: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/209603-fsft-atari-2600-vader-with-led-mod/

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