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How do I get on ABBUC site?


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Hi, to whoever can help me on this.


I have been trying to get on the ABBUC site for 6 months now.


I have no idea what I am missing, but I cant seem to get on it, I register, and register, I can't read German, so if its giving me an error I dont know.





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I can take screen shots.. but I go to the register page.. I put all the information in.


I think its rejecting my password.. but I am not sure.. and yes I have the english button set.


I have done this every couple of weeks.. I have sent emails from the link on the page..


If I use forgot username or forgot password ... it says it will send me an email.. it never does.


I have not gotten a response from the moderators.


I am at a loss as to why I cannot get on.. I could have an account for all I know.. but I cant get on.



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