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FA: Vectrex Multi-Cart (MultiCart) Sean Kelly (SK) Ver 2.0 Rainbow Le Tech


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eBay Auction -- Item Number: 3223094338581?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&item=322309433858&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]





Vectrex Multi-Cart (MultiCart) by Sean Kelly (SK)

Version 2.0.2000 Release date.
Has the entire original Vectrex library less one title, AnimAction.
These were sold without a box. If you see one like it with a box it is an aftermarket addition.

Please note after shipping and fees ALL PROCEEDS DONATED to the Rainbow Le Tech Girls Team to support their patenting, development, and first batch production of their idea,
Aplidigum: the first all-natural, biodegradable gum.

Even if you do not win this auction, I invite you to support the Rainbow Le Tech team efforts via their Indegogo campaign here:
** Web Link :Change the World with Every Chew - Aplidigum **

More about the target charity of this listing:

Rainbow Le Tech is Ocean Shore School (OSS) all girls Robotics Team. Rainbow Le Tech has been asked to work with Hasbro, the toy and games company after their Makers Faire presentation. The girls competed in the 2015-2016 Northern California First Lego League (FLL) Silicon Valley Championship and won 1st Place in the Innovative Solution Award as well as the Global Innovation Award. As part of their winning entry, the girls developed a patent-pending compostable chewing gum to reduce the burden on landfills. We'll keep you updated on our adventures with Hasbro!
Change the World with Every Chew - Aplidigum
Innovative solution to gum on the ground - Aplidigum: the first all-natural, biodegradable gum
Aplidigum was created by an all-girls' robotics team trying to reduce the burden on landfills, by making a food product that was compostable yet tasty. Through extensive research and multiple experiments, we have created a gum that biodegrades using a Japanese food-safe mold called Koji spores. Right now we are patent-pending, and we want to use the money from this campaign to secure our patent. With a patent, we can make sure the world has an eco-friendly way to chew gum!
Last year, as 6th graders, we created our school's first all-girls' robotics team. We took part in the First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Competition. At the Silicon Valley FLL Competition, we received 1st place in the Innovation Solution Award.

Our Innovative Solution:

Have you ever had your day ruined by stepping on a piece of used chewing gum? Not only does gum stick to your shoes, but with 100,000 tons of chewing gum consumed every year, gum is also filling up our landfills. Therefore, we worked together to develop a way to reduce gum’s impact on our environment.

Our innovative solution was to make biodegradable gum. We developed a patent-pending compostable chewing gum that will lessen the burden on landfills.



Now we are seeking your help to secure our patent, which will allow us to continue our innovative work - we want to change the world with every chew!

We are asking for $5,000 for our project. The money will be used for applying for a patent ($3,000), kitchen safety and hygiene training ($1,000), and supplies for our first commercial batch of flavored gum ($1,000). As part of our food safety plan, we will get the proper permits and licenses necessary to produce our gum. We are trying to get a special designation as a "cottage industry" in our home kitchen, to keep our costs lower. People who donate will be among the first to sample our new gum flavors, and may even have the opportunity to select a new flavor for us to make!
Why donate?
On the internet, if you look up “Does gum biodegrade?” most sites will say, “Nope, it lasts forever.” The reason why most existing gums do not break down is because they are made from latex, which is the same substance used to make rubber. As anyone who has seen an old spare tire left by the side of the road can attest, rubber does not readily biodegrade, and the same goes for gum. To address this problem, we have invented a gum that uses all natural ingredients along with a food-safe mold. So, it will not only biodegrade, but it will biodegrade faster than competing all natural gums. While there currently exist a handful of gums on the market made from natural ingredients, none contain an active agent to make the gum compost-friendly.


Furthermore, in sugar-free gums, xylitol and sorbitol are often used as its sweetening agent. However, those sweeteners are poisonous to animals such as dogs. And, the long-term impact to the environment of xylitol and sorbitol gums are unknown.

Our gum will only use sustainable, natural ingredients that can be consumed safely and will break down properly in composting sites to ensure we do not waste the earth’s precious resources.

History of the name of our gum:

Aplidium is the Latin word for ecology. We wanted something that would represent our commitment to the environment, and to sustainability.

Aplidium is also the name of an ocean-dwelling species, the sea squirt. The ocean is always a big inspiration for us because we live in Pacifica, which is a beach town!


To the word Aplidium, we added the word "gum," to put our own, special spin on it.

Hint: if you cannot pronounce Aplidigum, you can always say "a little gum," really fast, and it sounds almost the same.

Our journey:

We began this journey when we formed an all-girls' robotics team, and competed in the First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Competition in San Mateo. As part of the competition, we were asked to identify a problem related to trash, and then to find a solution.

We were thrilled to win the Project Award for our gum! From there, we went to the Regional Championships for the Silicon Valley area, and won first prize in the Innovative Solution Awards.

We were also invited to apply for the National Innovative Solution Award Competition in Washington, D.C. Our team worked hard on our application and we were ready to do whatever it took to get ourselves to the capital. Unfortunately, we weren't selected among the global applicants, but we haven't let that slow us down.

Our team was also selected to present about Girls and Robotics at the Makers' Faire, of San Mateo County. There, we presented our story in front of a large audience, and shared our great success in making our biodegradable gum. After the presentation, we were approached by Hasbro and they asked if we wanted to collaborate with them on a project!


Now, we want to take our project to the next level. Our plan is to produce our gum in a certified kitchen, package it, and sell it commercially. To do this, we need our patent and some starter funds to get our project going.


Includes as shown in pictures:

  • 1 item as shown in pictures.




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