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We just shipped out our 15,000 order! To thank my customers, we are offering 50% OFF ALL RETAIL ITEMS! The only rules: You must order five or more in-stock items, flat shipping rate of $9.99 per domestic box, only items listed on linked page below (no homebrew). Offer expires November 1st. Go CrAzY and THANK YOU!


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I would just like to chime in regarding my first experience with GoodDealGames and Michael. Even though it appears they have been around for quite some time, this was my first order with them. I ordered two Colecovision homebrew titles that are quite hard to find. The games were reasonably priced for what they are (and being OOP now) so I emailed Michael and his response was almost instantaneous. Not only was he cordial and in great spirits in our communication, but he gave me a nice discount and shipped them out right away. They arrived today, brand new and an excellent addition to my collection.


It's not just about the quality of the games (they were new, mint) but for me the quality of the service. I have dealt with some mean spirited people that own game stores online over the years. I don't know what happens to them...maybe they just get sick of dealing with the public in general. But Michael was not like that at all. It's the great customer service experience that is going to have me coming back. Thank you GDG and keep up the great work!


And no...I am not affiliated with them :) I just feel when a company does an outstanding job on all levels (quality of product, speed of shipping, good communication) they deserve to be commended for it!

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