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atari2600land's Blog - Having two dogs sucks.


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I don't know why people do it. We're dogsitting for my sister's dog. It's a geezer dog, but still. Thank goodness it's only for one night. We already have a dog. So now we have two dogs. I was looking at N-Gage games, and all the rare ones are expensive. I've often wondered why the prices on some games are above the original when new price while others aren't. I guess it's because people pay them? I'm actually mulling over whether I should spend $70 on a game. I mean, it wasn't $70 when it first came out, why is it now? Makes me wish I had an N-Gage when it first came out. I think I thought about it but decided against it because I thought it needed a plan and I didn't want one. (the plan, not the phone.) I actually played Rayman 3 on the N-Gage a few nights ago. Man that game is HARD. Especially when you're trying to get all the yellow balls. I couldn't even find some they were so well hidden (or non-existent.) The looks remind me of Yoshi's Island, but that's a far better game than Rayman 3. And easier.

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