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Byte Knight

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The Pi0 cannot using the same image that is used here that is made for the Pi2 and Pi3


You will need to build your own using the RetroPie version for the Pi0




As I mentioned in my post, I have helped other AA members with scripts.


I do not want to hijack this thread.


Please send me a PM and we can see what I can do to help you.



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When I say identical to Byte Knight's, I mean a CLONE that someone made to look like his theme, but done for the Zero/ 1. I know that the 2/3 images won't work, I was just hoping someone else already had the same idea as me and already made an image for the Zero that looked like his and functioned the same way as his theme. I can't believe no one else had the same idea as me and wanted to use a Pi Zero instead of a 2 or 3, but make edit a theme that looks just like the one Byte Knight made! The stock Retropie themes are just so boring! I've messed around with Pi Zeros and a Pi 3 for friends before, so I'm not a total noob, but I just really like the look of Byte Knight's stuff. I just have a bunch of Pi Zero's I bought for $5 each that would be perfect for something like this. Atari/ Coleco and Intellivision are not that powerful to require a Pi 3!

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