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Software to Convert Picture Formats for Atari 1040STE: Where to Find?

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Hello, fellow Atarians,


I am wondering. Maybe someone has an idea about this, but I am looking for an application that can convert GIF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, and other modern picture formats to an Atari ST-readable format. I have never done this yet. Tell me, can something like ST-Paint on Windows do that? Is there something for the Mac that can convert files and be easy to use? I exclusively use the Mac and would rather use a Macintosh environment to do that in. As always, assistance is duly appreciated. Thanks. :)

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I'd been interested in what resolution and colors this covers. I noticed it supports these Degas formats (pi1, pc1, pi2, pc2, pi3, pc3, pi4, pi5, pi6). Some of these are know but some aren't and the 640x480 with 256 or high color don't seem to be supported.


I really just want to create images in Photoshop, convert them to a known format, and then load them. I guess I could write my own image loader but I wondered if someone already had done this sort of thing.

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I also know of a Windows application called ST-Paint that I downloaded, but I cannot for the life of me remember which URI I downloaded it from. But, it can convert images to Degas Elite uncompressed and uncompressed format, as well as NeoChrome format. Since I have VirtualBox running Windows 7 Ultimate, I can use that as well as XnConvert for the Macintosh. Well, I have both now, so they will both work. Anyway, I believe the link to ST-Paint is from AtariAge anyway. It should be fairly easy to locate in a forum search. I just found it by accident and downloaded it for future use. I will need it soon anyway. I will try to find the URI for others to find as well, but I think a lot of you have stuff like that in your software repertoire anyway. I will search anyway. Thanks for letting me share.

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