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Help with a car file please..


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I've found on my Atari HD a selection of files marked as car files with Williams) in brackets, but when I run them on Altirra it comes up and asks for the rom type which car files normally don't. I go through each rom type and they all crash. I thought maybe I have roms for a different Atari but apart from a few they all seem to be Atari titles with some like TOMMINGI (WILLIAMS) and Tube Baddies only being on the 8bit..


I presumed the Williams was the cart type and 64K which seemed to fit, the header just says CART.


Sadly I have no clue as to where I got them, could anyone shed some light?


Not tried them on the 7800 (just in case, no dice on 5200)






Edit: After looking at one of the other carts in a hex editor it did seem to contain an Atari 8bit game in the code and its 6502, found text saying "Universal Hero converted to the Atari by" ....


Weird, some offshoot format?


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Aha.....Those look the same...While going through the list some like Bruce Lee and Action biker work but almost everything else does not...Weird...My normal groups of cars work fine just almost all marked as Williams fail, Atari800Win Plus 4.1 says checksum error on the ones that fail..


A little lost as to why they are marked as williams and 64K yet were not that size or format before :)


But at least I know the source, thank you...


Thank you for looking..



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I keep seeing this repeat itself over and over... can we have a wiki or sticky that shows the bug free version numbers of everything.... time and time again the buggy converters and utils rear their ugly heads, doesn't matter if it is a cartridge, an atx, or a file transfer protocol... they just keep coming back....


I thank the core long time supporters of our beloved platform for remembering as well as correcting these issues but we are fighting a war of attrition as we do not live forever. An every bug every correction searchable database is in order! :)


the cartridge format is described in depth at http://www.atarimax.com/jindroush.atari.org/

if I am not mistaken...

in this section somewhere http://www.atarimax.com/jindroush.atari.org/acarts.html

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