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What are the meaning of the 1050 J11 pins ?

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I and a friend are at this moment trying to solder a write protect switch. But we dont have any information about the meaning of the 4 pins of the J11 in the 1050. I tried Sams Computerfacts, but that pdf manual doesnt contain the exact meaning / info about each of the 4 pins.


Any help would be welcome.

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the pins 1 and 2 of that connector are only constant power for a IR LED used for the light barrier. Pin 2 is ground. Pin 3 and 4 (4 is also ground) is the photo detection sensor. The output is stabilized by using an NOR-gate from U11.


The simplest way: Solder a switch (with 3 terminals & 2 positions) to J11. The middle terminal of that switch connected to pin 3, the other terminals to pin 1 and 2. This way will change the pin 3 voltages level between high (+5 volts) and low (ground). In one way all writes are allowed, in the other not. And it´s reversible, no damage to the drive mechanic needed.



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