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New development: GTIA in CPLD


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Finally installed the Sophia in my 1200XL this morning. Very easy except that it seemed to take a bit more of 'electronics level violence' than expected to get the Sophia socket into the 1200XL motherboard socket. I'm going to assume that the GTIA isn't going back into that (now likely loose in comparison to previous) socket by itself again.


Output is very clear, however my text is lime green instead of the expected white... :P






Same display/capture settings with the UAV:





The lime green is because Sophia now allows for independent programming of the text color in Graphics 0 seperately from the background. Therefore the text is set to the system default, which is lime green, the same color used for that register in Graphics 1 as well.

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Yes, I see pixels in the Sophia RBG output in the same area that do not appear in the UAV s-video.






The gray streaks are the result of 16 level luminance of each color register instead 8 level in GTIA. The genesis of the bad pixel on the cap I have not identified yet.

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Hello all. I'm new to Atariage (love what I'm seeing!) I have been out of the Atari scene for about twenty years but never got rid of any of my stuff. I got bit by the bug hard around Christmas and have been setting up and testing what I have. Can I get a Sophia? And if so, how? Also would like to have the Antonia upgrade and at least one Ultimate Cart.... I have two 130XEs, several 800XLs (one with 256K mod) and a slew of 1040STFs...



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For what's it's worth, I downloaded altirra this even and checked out some ROMs that look off through Sophia.


For an NTSC 5200, the preset "NTSC Authentic" looks closest to what I would expect.


I would venture to guess this would be the same for an NTSC XEGS since Missile Command on there looks exactly the same as my 5200 color and hue wise.


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This is just impossible. Sofia has Always_The_Same_Colors. ;)

NTSC = Never The Same Colour and SOFIA is what? Maybe is SOFIA = Same On Fixed Is Always.

Humm... doesn't sound good English...



P.s.- Maybe reading from the right to the left: AIFOS = Always Is Fixed On Same sounds a little better.

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a little disappointed to hear the colors are off (pink donkey kong / breakout/ pacman), specifically to 5200 because that's what I have ...but I believe this is how Sophia current works on all systems


Will additional color pallets be available some how?

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Hi Michael,

as FJC wrote, Simius has introduced this incompatibility as a feature of the SOPHIA extension (2 colors in Hi-Res).

However people started to complain and Simius re-worked the FPGA code and offers it to people interested in better compatibility rather than wanting to have one more color.

Unfortunately the update requires a programming tool (USB Blaster) and a "micro match" 10 pin connector:




The programming tool Quartus (I used version 15.1) can be downloaded (after free registration) from the Altera web page.

Please contact Simius to get the *.pof file if you are interested in the update (which covers also some other bugs).


Can you help a fella out and let 'em know where to get that "micro match" 10 pin connector and how to make the cable?

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