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New development: GTIA in CPLD


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Doesn't the Atari already have composite out for those situations?


A lousy, noisy composite out, versus a much better signal generated by modern hardware. Artifacting gets no love from the Euro-Atari scene.


Even better would be digital artifacting support, where the FPGA simply interprets GR8 artifacting and displays the appropriate colors via the RGB output.

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I'm biased because I always considered artifacting to be a symptom of said lousy, noisy composite video, and its eradication to be the first sign that the video signal was somewhere near acceptable. :) But an argument can be made for emulating it on an RGB signal, given that there's a VBXE core out there which purposefully emulates PAL colour blending (although artifacting is not supported).


But there are things which can be done to improve the (still very compatible) stock composite signal. The wise person keeps his legacy video jack ready for action for this reason (when I want to view PAL colour blending, it's quicker to just switch my monitor's input from RGB to s-video than to change to a different VBXE core).

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