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RAMBrandt source code & more from Bard Ermentrout


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Good hello!


After I interviewed Bard Ermentrout, creator of RAMBrandt (http://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-224-bard-ermentrout-rambrandt), he sent me a big pile of floppy disks. The disks were terribly dirty and unreadable, but I removed the media from each disks and cleaned them with water and alcohol, and managed to save the vast majority of the data.


Here's what I got: Bard's disks.zip


I have sorted the disks into five rough categories — please keep in mind that I had to make some guesses based on Bard's terrible disk labeling and organization. (If you're reading this, Bard: It's amazing that you saved this material and were willing to share it. Although disk labeling is not your song suit, you have many other wonderful qualities :)


Anyway — the categories are:


Bard's Source code — seems to include source for some version of RAMBrandt, the 3-D Graphics Module, and maybe Bard's homemade digitizer)

Commercial Tools — a bunch of Forth disks and C compilers and things.
RAMBrandt 3-D Object Module — a couple versions of the 3-D add-on for RAMBrandt, plus maybe some more modules. I have no idea how to test this. Someone give it a try!
RAMBrandt application — a few versions of RAMBrandt itself
RAMBrandt pictures, slideshows — this is the stuff that Bard was excited to get — picture disks. He created some of the images himself using his homemade digitizer. Some of these are slideshow disks. But most of them are read by starting RAMBrandt, pressing L for Load, then typing 0 - 9 to load one of 10 pictures on each disk.
I have not dug into most of this! I don't know anything about Forth, I don't understand the 3-D module. So dig around and let us know what you find.
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