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searched modder for my 7800


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i have a pal atari 7800 rev c(rgb) with the daughterboard.

recently i played games with the harmony encore on it.

now i saw that colors in games where different then they must be.

for example in river raid the water is brown.

missile command the bottom must be bright orange(best electronics told me)

i already tryed adjust the pot under the daughterboard.

but no change in colors,cant get them right.

best electronics told me it can be tia-crystal-maria.

maybe the pots are bad?

so could somebody with lots of expirience fix my 7800?

will pay everything ofcourse and if parts needed ill pay that also ofcourse.

i dont wont to bring it to the trashbin,i live in belgium and doesnt find a guy that can do it.

so pm me if you can do the job.


grts filip



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