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Duel for the Atari 2600 - WIP Video


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Thanks for the advice y'all! I actually do have a CPU player in some of my builds. It should be easy to have, say, the first 4k as 2 player and the second 4k for the one player mode.


There are high, medium and low attacks. High does better damage but lower knockback. Medium is average. Low has little damage but high knockback. If both players attack at the same level they knock eachother back. The shield deflects most blows but has a cooldown. If you pull back and then hit forward you can do a lunge attack which has a chance to do damage over time.


These features could change but that's basically it for this build :)



Thank you for being "that guy" StanJr. I really appreciate it!

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I like the game in that it is very abstract, being both simple and complex. Being complexly simple, and simply complex.


The thing is, I always disliked fighting games on the 2600. I felt ports like Double Dragon failed as the game needed controls the 2600 didn't have. Kyle Fox designed this game and I made some suggestions based on what the 2600 can do.


I think that seeing what you can do with one button is more effective than trying to cram complexity into a simple joystick layout. So, I get the simple/complexity dichotomy you're talkin' about.

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