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Atari WSFN Source Code


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I have scanned* the assembly source code printouts for the WSFN language:


WSFN was released by Atari Program Exchange in 1982 (catalog entry), but it's clear from the source that it could have been released as an official Atari cartridge. WSFN (Which Stands for Nothing) was a programming language for controlling robots created by Li-Chen Wang and published by Dr. Dobb's Journal. The Atari version was by Harry Stewart.
I've included the first page here to whet your appetite, but you'll have to to go archive.org to see the whole things. Download the ZIP file if you really want to dig in :)
*By scanned, I mean: photographed, because I promised the person who lent me the printouts that I would not separate the pages. The pictures are, I believe, good enough. Readable enough to be entered by hand if anyone is inclined to do so.
more good stuff to come.
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Cool! Another language implementation with source code!


I've transcribed this from the pdf and validated it against the APX release on AtariMania, so this appears to be the final source code (w/ BOOT = 1 instead of 0). The pdf was pretty unreadable in places, although the jp2's were quite clean, which I didn't realize till quite late in my transcription, so the comments might not be as accurate as the PILOT and Colleen Calculator transcriptions (which themselves probably have a few errors). I may go back and clean this up later, but for now, enjoy!


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For those of you who are interested in a quick intro, I've updated the en.wiki and AtariWiki entries for this language. It is the strangest language I have seen, a weird blend of PILOT, Lisp, and psychedelics.





Apparently it is VERY fast at doing what it does.


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